Different Types Of Roof Conversions You Can Do


If you have a home with a sizable attic area, it will be possible for you to do a rooftop conversion. Also called a loft conversion, you are going to install a new level to your home that can be used by family members or one that you can rent out. There are several different ways that you can do this depending upon the structure of your roof. You can either work with the existing structure, or you can expand that area in certain ways. Let’s discuss the different types of roof conversions that you can do, some of which will be very affordable to accomplish.

Dormer Roof Conversions

When you do a dormer loft conversion, you are literally reshaping your roof on one side. This is going to give you extra space. This will extend, like a box, going outward, requiring you to provide additional reinforcement for the room that you are installing. Depending upon the way that your house faces the street, it is ideal to have the dormer facing outward, preferably toward the front of the home. The flat area will need to be tiled, usually with the same roofing material that you have on your home, to make everything match up. The reason that this particular type is popular is that you only have one sloping side.

Gabled Roof Conversions

Similar to a dormer roof conversion, this can be done on one or both sides. In most cases, the larger rear dormer area is where you will get the most space between you and the ceiling area. Although most of these are going to be used with semi detached houses, it is still possible to do so with your regular home. You will have to install, in both cases, a staircase in order to access these areas which will become secondary living spaces.

How Long Will It Take To Do These Conversions?

It will take some time to complete these conversions. It does depend on the height of the roof upstairs. Additionally, depending upon the structure of the roof itself, it may take several modifications to implement these changes. It is highly recommended that you work with a company that does roof conversions regularly. They will already have a system for doing these conversions that they will use with every job that they complete. This will ensure the integrity of your home, and this new area, based upon the way they built these roof conversions.

If you do not have enough room in your house, and you have the money to do so, you can take advantage of these different types of roof conversions. One of them will be appropriate for your particular home, giving you the extra space that you need. Although these projects can be somewhat expensive, it certainly much less expensive than building a secondary structure. Take advantage of the extra space in your attic if you have it by doing one of these loft or roof conversions that will expand your home in an elegant way.

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