Planning an office relocation

Organising an office relocation from one place to the other can be quite hectic especially if you haven’t handled a similar project before. Although the pressure to want everything to go perfectly can take a toll on you, you can pull off a seamless office relocation with proper planning and the right team.

When planning such a move, you certainly want to consider how much downtime your business will have. If the exercise is diligently handled and planned at the right time then there’ll be a little interruption to the running of your business.

Office Removals

Loft office relocation

Regardless of how big or small the size of your project is, you’ll still need to hire a qualified professional. Considering the fact that you can convert your loft to an office, you will need an expert to help you with the move and ensure everything is set up correctly.

For a loft office move, you might want to move your office to a newly converted space or even from one location to the other. A qualified office removals company will also ensure that any waste during the process is properly disposed of.

Tips for a seamless office removals

As mentioned earlier, ensuring there’s minimal disruption to your business is one of the main benefits of a seamless office removal. Hiring a qualified and reliable removals company is one way to ensure that there’s minimal interruption in your daily operations. Highlighted below are some handy tips for organising smooth office removals.

  • Planning in advance
  • Hiring the right removals company
  • Setting a reasonable budget
  • Communicating with the employees
  • Choosing an in-house team to work with
  • Choosing the right timeline

Planning in advance

Office removals isn’t something that you can just think of and have it done overnight. You need to carefully plan in advance before the actual date of the exercise. This will help you avoid any confusion that may arise along the way. It will also help you ensure that you work within a suitable timeline and that everything goes accordingly.

Hiring the right removals company

When planning an office removals project, you’ll need to work with a qualified removals company if you want everything to go smoothly. The work will even be easier if the company has handled similar projects before because then they’ll have the expertise and experience for the job.

But before getting into a contract with the removals company there are several questions you need to ask them to establish if they’re really a perfect fit for the job. You should also ensure that your mover has the necessary resources like labour, proper equipment, and transport means.

Setting a reasonable budget

If you want to avoid any unwarranted expenses, then the best way to do that is by setting a reasonable budget for your project. Once you’ve hired a removals company it will be easier for you to get a more accurate budget estimate. Whoever you hire will inform you of all the costs that you need to factor in.

For you to know if they are giving you a correct estimate for the service, it’s advisable to always acquire quotes from other movers. Therefore, you’ll have a rough idea of how much you are likely to incur.

Communicating with the employees

It is advisable to inform the employees on time when you’re planning an office removal. This will ensure that they’re psychologically prepared and that they also plan their tasks accordingly to avoid a lot of disruption during the move. Your staff members can also lend a helping hand during the move. They can also give suggestions when choosing the right layout to motivate their productivity in the new space.

A group of employees

Choosing an in-house team to work with

With an in-house team, you will be able to ensure that everything is moved to the right place. It is even better if you choose them from each department because then it will be easier to ensure that nothing is left behind and that there’s minimal downtime for your business on the day of the move. If your team can work together, then having smooth office removals will be easy.

Choosing the right timeline

It is advisable to choose a date when your business is less active if you’re planning a move. This way, there won’t be much interruption to the daily activities of your business. For a seamless move, it is advisable to start planning at least six to three months earlier. This will give you ample time to get everything in place and prepare for the big move.

By following the tips highlighted above, it will be easier for you to organise and have a smooth office removals project. If you follow some of the key requirements like hiring the right company and planning in advance, you’ll have very little to worry about. You’ll also avoid any inconveniences that may arise as a result of poor planning and hiring an unqualified individual.

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