6 Key Topics to Discuss With the Builder Before Signing the Contract

For any building project including loft conversion to succeed some points should be discussed between you and the successful builder and architect before signing a contract. Open communication and expressing what you want will make the working relationship go on smoothly. You can have myriads of questions that only professional builders and architects can answer. Never hesitate to ask any question in areas that you do not understand about your project.

Topics to discuss with the builder.

There are multiple things to consider whether your builder is qualified to do their job. One of the many thing is to see if they have an architectural team that has undergone 5 year studies and are recognized by RIBA. Below are some important topics which you need to discuss, with the successful builders as per architect’s design, for a good working relationship in the long-run and come out with excellent work. 

1. User lifestyle

When designing a building, the owner aims to construct a building for a specific purpose. You might be having a dream of building rental apartments or your home; all these have the same lifestyle different from commercial buildings. 

You have to discuss with the builder and architect your expectations for the future users of the building space. Residentials should have enough playgrounds. 

2. Design of the project

You have to discuss with your builder about the target users of your project, if you are going to construct a multi-storey building for commercial use then consider the architect’s design that has enough parking spaces and elevators for the users.  

Architects and builders can advise you according to the project plan, and the effects of your neighbourhood and adjacent buildings to your project. 

3. The budget of the project

The budget of the project is the main thing to be discussed here; how much will the builder’s services cost? Different builders charge differently for services while some might require you pay a lump sum amount while others might require you pay in intervals. In some cases, the total cost of the project determines the fee, especially for the builder who charges fees on a certain percentage of the total cost.

Your architect can help you get a cost consultant who will advise you with the total cost of the project and also the future operating cost of the project.

4. Location of the project

The location of the project determines the design the architect will draw which; will guide the builder to the completion of the project. You also ought to consider the neighbourhood because it will affect the structure to be constructed by the registered builders, both builder and architect will advise you in this area. If the location of your project is sloppy; then guidance on the viability of your project is necessary.

5. When is the builder ready to start work?

Make sure you discuss with your prospect builder the start date of the project, never rush to start the project before the builder sets the machinery and labour force. Always set realistic time that will be ok for both of you; in every project, it is necessary to have a timetable for the smooth running of the construction. 

6. Years of experience

Never shy away from inquiring about builder’s years of experience in the industry. Always have in mind working with experienced builders will make your work go on smoothly, and assurance of quality services. Qualified builders have samples of their completed work, list of clients they have worked for and bank statements to support their claims.

Expressing your expectations to your builder and architect will save you money and avoid mistakes that always arise during constructions of buildings. The above topics should be discussed, in-depth before and during the signing of the contract, because if you fail, then you might have problems at a later date.

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